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Upcoming Events

Stop Drop And Pray Zoom Events

To be determined at 7:30PM EST
To be determined at 1:00 PM EST


Here is the link for the Zoom Events:   Password: Miracle

MIRACLE HOURS:  (Note: Eastern Standard Time - EST)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


2021 Miracle Hours...October/November/December.............To be announced 


A Miracle Hour is an hour to experience the close personal touch of the Healing Power of God.  We present them in homes, or on line, through Zoom.  We will designate in which venue it will be presented.  If you are new to Zoom, you will need to signup for Zoom....this is free...before you click on the link.  As you join the meeting, you can turn off your video for privacy, so people will not see you.  This way you can relax completely.  To do this, just tap the picture of the video camera (this is usually in the lower left corner of your screen.)  I will have your audio muted so you can hear me, but you will not be heard.  (This is necessary to cut out ambient noise.)  You will not be asked to share.  This is a time of healing and it is a very personal experience between you and Jesus!  Please share this with anyone you wish to.  Everyone is welcome!  I look forward our time together!

God Bless You,



Here is the link for the Miracle Hour online:   Password: Miracle

Direct link for Miracle Hour:

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