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The Stop Drop and Pray Network

Different Lives Uniquely Led by the Holy Spirit

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Polish Version

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For some STOP DROP and PRAY by Barbara Alderfer opens life to the Holy Spirit. For others the book accelerates God's healing power through prayer.


This web site is not a source of knowledge to be studied and learned. Rather it's intended to point you to the Source of wisdom. It exists to help you sustain, expand and share faith.

We all come in different shapes and sizes with different interests and talents. Everyone's puzzle piece is exquisitely unique. By communicating through this web site we seek to engage the Holy Spirit. We seek to align our individual puzzle pieces in service to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Let us know if you have something you wish to contribute.

"Change the world one person at a time and that person is ME". 
St. Raphael's Gathering - August 2021

Here is a 3-part “Stop Drop & Pray”

Seminar that Barbara  presented

on ZOOM, June, 2020.

To the Readers of Stop, Drop & Pray
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  by Deacon Peter Andre

  Office of Prison Ministry, Diocese of St. Petersburg


When we first learned of the concept of: Stop, Drop, and Pray, it seemed too simple!  Calling on God’s healing power in times of need.  Living in the present moment and acknowledging that only God is ‘in charge’.  To ‘surrender’ to God all that we hold; worry, anxiety, fear… does seem simple, but is really, rather, a tall order. 

In prison ministry, many who spend time in the corrections system suffer from deep personal wounds and emotional hurts that they cannot seem to let go or heal from.  We sent an advance copy of Stop, Drop and Pray to the Pinellas County Jail for review by the Chaplains Office; unsure of the outcome.  Religious materials are carefully screened at all correctional facilities before being allowed for distribution.  We were pleased to learn that Stop, Drop and Pray would be permitted ‘inside’ for distribution – a distribution that continues to this day, enhanced by the recent translation into Spanish.

In the book’s preface, the author writes: “The truth is we are nothing and can do nothing… without God!” Stop, Drop and Pray, gives us the explanation and reasons why the most amazing power we have at our fingertips is the power of prayer!

May God continue to bless our ministries! 

Understanding the Gift of Healing

To understand this website we need to look at our book, STOP DROP and PRAY. This website was created as the outgrowth of this book.

It started with a single open door. About 30 years ago God healed me of a serious illness. I was filled with the realization of the Power of God to heal and transform! Not long afterwards I started praying with people for healing. My name is Barbara Alderfer and over the years God has strengthened my faith and refined the gift of healing. He led me to the realization that we are all called to pray with each other. Prayer is not just for specially selected people. We are ALL called to pray with each other.

He revealed a method to teach people how to pray with power. The way we live and think, directly affects our lives and health. Our natural tendencies are to “deal” with everything. Our actions are handed down, repeated generation after generation, and accepted as the appropriate way to live.

As I prayed with people I taught each one how to pray powerfully. I gave them a new direction and showed each how to find the purpose God has for their lives.


Then I prayed for healing. This took a person from brokenness to wholeness and healing. As time went on I wrote these instructions down. This has become the book, STOP DROP and PRAY.

The book is a simple, life-changing method to live each moment joyfully with God as the center of your life. The book unleashes the healing Power of God. It reveals easy steps to turn our lives completely around to walk in faith, trust and confidence. 

As I shared STOP DROP and PRAY with members of our parish, St. Raphael’s Catholic Church, something amazing happened! There was a new stirring of the Holy Spirit. We all experienced personal encounters with the transforming love and healing power of Jesus. We were never the same after that.


We began to reach out to pray with others and minister to them. There was a burning desire to do more and learn more and share more. This grew into a longing to share what we have with others  …to evangelize… but how?

This is how this website came about. A group of St. Raphael parishioners developed this as an outlet for everyone to share stories of transformation and healing, inspirations, and other special gifts from the Holy Spirit with others. is designed to create a network for everyone to share and receive the Good News of the Gospel and gifts of the Holy Spirit! We encourage all members to contribute to the website through witness stories, inspirational thoughts, book reviews, poetry, art and more.


This Network is open to all who want to give what God has given you and to receive what God has to give…for the Glory of God!

The buttons below provide information about Stop Drop and Pray healing and spreading the faith.

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We welcome everyone who understands the value of obedience, humility and love.


Together we can bring a little of God's heaven down to earth!

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